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Equipping you with the knowledge you need. Providing you with the real estate leadership, negotiation skills and care you depend on.

LEAD defining your needs and leading the search

Helping you define the attributes you are looking for in a property is one of our greatest strengths. We proudly put your needs above all else, ensuring we do not fit people into a property.

Instead, we find the property that fits your needs.

These want, need, must-have, and wish lists are the foundation of our property picks, and we will work with you to find the property that best serves them.

SIMPLIFY helping buyers sort through the details

We will guide you through the particulars of the buying process, including legal requirements, property evaluation and multiple offer scenarios.

Providing you with information about Muskoka and the communities within it will help you to narrow your geographic search, and our extensive statistical analysis of the Muskoka Real Estate market will show you the trends and current market conditions.

We also give our cottage seekers viewing guides to best evaluate each property and additional resources and information on by laws, renovations and construction.

NEGOTIATE fiercely negotiating on your behalf

Our market expertise is greater than that of a conventional real estate agent. Our experience in appraising Muskoka real estate helps you find your dream property without overpaying, protecting you throughout every step of the deal.

This is a key advantage in the negotiation process, combined with our commitment to valuing people over properties. We negotiate until you have received the fairest selling price possible to ensure you’re thrilled with your purchase.

FOLLOW UP continuing to assist after purchase

We provide any assistance you require as a follow up to your purchase. After a successful purchase, we follow up with you to make sure everything is in place and there are no lingering questions.

The success of your new home or cottage purchase is a huge deal to us, and we make sure you are feeling supported in every step of the process.

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